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  • In March 2014, international visitor 1 arrivals by air accounted for 25% of total visitor arrivals to Vanuatu. Visitor arrivals by air declined when compared to March 2013, however increased over the previous month.


  • Visitors by air in March 2014 declined by 9% or 601 visitors over the same month of the 2013. This decrease was attributed by the decline of holiday visitor arrivals by air to Vanuatu. However visitors by air increased by 27% when compared to the previous month.


  • Cruise ship visitors or day visitors increased by 18% when compared to March 2013, increasing from 16,060 visitors to 18,883 visitors in March 2014. The increase was due to increase in number of cruise ships from 9 in March 2013 to 11 in March 2014. Day visitors however declined by 27% over the previous month. Despite the decline, visitors continue to make up the highest number of visitors to Vanuatu accounting for 75% of total visitor arrivals.


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