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  • International visitor arrivals in July 2014 contributed 50% of total international arrivals to Vanuatu. Total international visitors registered a decrease over the July 2013, also falling over the previous month.


  • Visitor arrivals in July 2014 registered 11,446 visitors by air, showing a decline of 3% over July 2013. The decrease was reflected in visitor arrivals for holiday purposes. Visitors however registered an increase of 5% over the June 2013.


  • Cruise ship or day visitors accounted for 50% of total international arrivals in July 2014. Day visitors stood at 11,470 visitors, a decrease of 32% due to a decline in number of cruise ships from 8 in July 2013 to 6 cruise ships in July 2014. Cruise ship visitors declined by 39% over the previous month.


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